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What is Your Name?

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What is your age?

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Where are you located (City & State) and Timezone

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What is Your Email Address?

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If you live in the United States please provide your phone number.


If you live outside of the United States please provide your WhatsApp contact number.


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Please tell us about your current experience with OCD & Anxiety. Please describe the ways this is impacting or limiting important areas of your life.

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How would you describe the severity of the OCD & Anxiety symptoms you are experiencing and how much are they impacting your life and daily functioning?


Mild symptoms / very little impact on my life and functioning


Moderate symptoms / moderate impact on my life and functioning


Severe symptoms / significant impact on my life and functioning


Extreme symptoms / Extreme impact on my life and ability to function

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On a Scale of 1 - 10 - How important is taking your life back from OCD & Anxiety right now?


(10 Being your highest level of desire to show up for yourself, 1 being the lowest) 

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In TBC, one of our top priorities is to create an amazing environment that will support our members and help them achieve their goals. Part of that is making sure we deliver an amazing experience for you...Another part is making sure those who attend bring positive and supportive energy to the community. Please describe the positive traits you possess that you will bring to the community.

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Have you been diagnosed with any other mental health conditions? If yes, can you please list them below? (This will only be reviewed by myself and my admissions director)

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Have you ever been hospitalized for any suicidal attempts or other mental health conditions?


If yes, can you please explain?

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What other products, programs, or services have you taken or invested in regarding OCD & Anxiety?

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Have you purchased any Restored Minds products, programs, courses, or services?





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If yes, thank you! Please list the products you have purchased or participated in:

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Please tell us why you are interested in joining Taking Back Control?

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What hesitations or fears do you have about joining Taking Back Control? 

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Do you believe that investing in the proper coaching and training will create better results for you?





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During the application process, our team will be in contact with you to discuss all of your questions including the financial investment for the program.

Are you willing to invest in yourself when it comes to addressing OCD & Anxiety?







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OK! Thank you for letting us know. Would you be interested in credit and financing options for the investment in this program?





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If accepted to the program, how soon could you get started?

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Is there anything else we should know when reviewing your application?

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