If You Are STUCK in the OCD & Anxiety Loop… 


It’s Time To Finally Get Unstuck. 


Discover How To Break Free From the OCD & Anxiety Loop Using The Triple-A Response® and Take Back Control of Your Life.

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A Quick Message from Matt

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This book  revolves around one basic idea.


If you find yourself constantly trying to fight off intrusive thoughts and anxious feelings…

You must understand that the real problem you actually have is that you are STUCK in the OCD & Anxiety Loop

The problem you DO NOT have... is the specifc “theme” or “thoughts” you are stuck on. 


How you understand a problem...

Will lead you to taking certain actions to solve the problem...

Which will lead you to certain results. 


And if you don’t have the results you want - it is most likely not from a lack of effort on your part - but simply misunderstanding of the REAL Problem you are dealing with, which is 'The Loop'.

To put it another way...

If you are trying to solve the 'theme' (i.e. intrusive harm thoughts, contamination fears, driving fears, etc) of your fear you will indirectly feed the OCD & Anxiety Loop by doing safety behaviors (compulsions) which will keep the loop spinning and ultimately keep you STUCK.

However, once you begin to understand that the only problem you have is actually the Loop itself, not what you are looping about, then you can begin to take steps to break the loop and take back control of your life. 

And the only way to do that is to make sure you aren’t engaging in ANY compulsions or 'safety behaviors' that are feeding the OCD & Anxiety Loop. 

And the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY I know is to shift to a solution-focused approach called the Triple-A Response® which I am going to teach you in this book.

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But First,
A Quick Warning.

This is not some “feel-good, woo woo” OCD & Anxiety book that’s going to tell you to keep doing whatever you want, while reinforcing a victimhood mindsight.

On the contrary, From Stuck to Unstuck is about understanding the loop you are stuck in is self-created, which means you are the one who needs to break the loop and take back control of your life.

The exact method I’ll be giving you is the same method I used to transform from a person who was completely lost in the chaos of anxiety, feeling completely overwhelmed and utterly hopeless about my future, into a calm confident and clear leader in my every aspect of life.

And If this method worked for me, this method can help you too.  

The Triple-A Response® has helped hundreds of my clients I’ve coached restore a sense of calm, confidence, and clarity to their lives.

So with that said…

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Here's What You'll Discover


  • The huge mistake nearly every single person makes when they are first starting out and how to truly conquer OCD & Anxiety (Page 11)
  • How to understand the Real Problem as a Loop and why that will change your entire recovery process (Page 14)
  • Proof that this method will work for you too, no matter what type of OCD & Anxiety Loop you are stuck in (Page 18)
  • How you are probably engaging in a bunch of safety behaviors without even realizing it (Page 19)
  • ​The truth about not addressing your fear and why its probably the most important thing you can ever do (Page 20)
  • ​How the stress response works and the different manifestations of psychological stress (Page 25)
  • ​How the lens of fear develops and radically distorts your perception of the world (Page 26)
  • ​Three critical shifts you need to make in order to be successful on this journey of recovery (Page 36)
  • ​The truth about Exposure & Response Prevention and why most people don’t implement it correctly (Page 39)
  • ​How the brain will literally rewire by putting this method into practice through the power of neuroplasticity (Page 40)
  • ​How mental safety behaviors like rumination, mental reassurance, body scanning and others are keeping you stuck (Page 48)
  • ​​How to shift into a higher level of consciousness and why it is the most critical step to making all of this work (Page 58)
  • ​​What the Triple-A Response® is, how it was developed, and how it will help you (Page 61)
  • ​​Understanding the voice in your head and understanding how you are separate from it (Page 64)
  • ​​Understanding emotion and energy-in-motion and understanding how your body naturally knows what to do (Page 74)
  • ​​How to truly “Allow” anxiety in your body and what you need to do when it arises (Page 77)
  • ​​Three key ways you can begin to attack fear whenever it arises in your life (Page 84)

And much, MUCH more...

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Meet the Author

My name is Matt Codde LCSW and I help people break free from OCD & Anxiety using the Triple-A Response®.

As someone who personally struggled with OCD & Anxiety for years, I know how challenging it can be to navigate all the chaos and find the right help.

My experience with OCD & Anxiety started my first semester of college

and my life got completely flipped upside down. I went from a confident, outgoing, young man, to becoming consumed by intrusive thoughts and anxiety...to the point where I was afraid to sleep in my own bed.

I felt embarrassed about what I was going through, and the more OCD & Anxiety took over, the smaller my life became.

After living in this loop for several years, I eventually got to the point where I simply dreaded the idea of waking up and having to fight through another day. I became more and more depressed and started to lose hope for my future.

But one day, I had this sinking realization: all this energy I was using to fight my thoughts and feelings wasn’t working. So instead of trying harder, perhaps, it was time to shift gears and try a different approach.

And this ultimately led me to create The Triple-A Response®.

The more I used the Triple-A Response®, the less I was in my head and the more I was living my life. Eventually, I started having entire days where I felt clear, and then weeks, and then entire months. And more importantly, I started to see my future with hope and excitement again.

The Triple-A Response® helped me reclaim control of my life and pursue things that I once thought impossible.

And as I got better and better, my mission shifted from just trying to help myself, to getting this out to the millions of others who struggle daily with OCD & Anxiety.

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Here's Exactly What You're Getting


This isn’t your typical OCD & Anxiety book that compiles a bunch of research studies, 27 possible methods to consider, and a bunch of academic jargon. You don’t need that. That just creates more confusion and chaos. 

From the very start of the book I dive into exactly what to do to effectively implement the Triple-A Response™. My job is to take the guesswork out of the equation.

Now if you feel like you don’t have the time (or the desire) to sit down and read a long book? 

I don’t blame you! 

That’s why this book is an easy read. At just 143 pages, you can read it in an afternoon.

Plus, this book isn’t just about breaking out of the OCD & Anxiety Loop. What it is really about is all the secondary and long-term effects breaking out of the loop will have on your life, specifically, your health & wellbeing, your realtionships, your work, and your desire to pursue the things that really matter to you. 

And when you download your copy of this book I have two SPECIAL GIFTs, I want to give to you as well, completely FREE...


From Stuck to Unstuck Audiobook Version

Prefer listening to your books?

When you claim your copy of my book, I'll include the 3.5+ hour professionally narrated audiobook version of From Stuck to Unstuck completely free.

The audio file will also be available for instant download, so you can listen on any device. So you can literally download it in a few minutes and start listening right away.


From Stuck to Unstuck Toolkit

In addition to the audiobook, I want to give you access to our Bonus 10-Part Training  I put together called the From Stuck to Unstuck Toolkit. This training is designed to complement and deepen your understanding and application of everything you will learn in this book. 

This exclusive training will equip you with additional resources, frameworks, and exercises to help you expedite your success... And it's yours completely free.

So Just to Be Clear, Here’s How It Works

  • First, click the button below and tell us where you want us to send everything, then simply complete the checkout on the next page
  • Once your order has been processed, You’ll be directed to the member's area where you will instantly be able to access the book the audiobook, and the toolkit
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  • ​For help, email us at [email protected].
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BUT…'What If'I Don’t Like the Book?

or 'What if' I Don’t Find it Helpful?


Okay, If you’re skeptical of ANYTHING I’ve said up to this point…


I went through so many hoops on my journey I could have auditioned for the circus. 

Which is why I’m not asking your to let your guard down.

That would be unfair given how much mis-information there is on the internet and providers who don’t really understand how to help you.

Instead, here’s my offer:

Buy my book for only $5.90 and I'll give you the Audiobook and the Toolkit completely free! 
AND If you dislike it for ANY reason…
Just email and let me know and I’ll refund you
the entire $5.90.

AND you don’t even have to send anything back.

Just ask for a refund, and it’s yours.

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Here's What
Our Readers Say


"STOP! Go no further. If you want help, read this book."

Amazon Customer

"If your anxious, if you panic, if you're lost in your mind; this book will bring the hope and help you seek. Matthew Codde is an inspirational writer who not only writes from the heart, he also writes from his own personal experiences with OCD and anxiety. Do you feel trapped in a confusing battle with your thoughts, or does it feel like fear dominates, maybe even robs you of the peace you once knew? If so, I believe you will find the same relief and support that I have been so grateful to receive by reading this amazing book. I did not believe that someone out there could really understand what I was going through, or that anyone would be able to put it into words that I could relate to. Matt Codde has helped me to take back control and to find again a life I once knew. I hope this book gives you the help it has given me."




"Throughout my life , now 32, had bouts of unwanted intrusive thoughts, from illness anxiety, to taboo thoughts about religion, to other more disturbing thoughts and about death and taboo sexual situations. I didn’t know I was in this constant loop of anxiety and ocd that would get better for some time, only to recently return with a vengeance. Matt does a great job in explaining how ocd works and how to really become free and unstuck from these fearful thoughts, which at the end of the day, are thoughts and only thoughts. I had been going thru some very stressful times in my life as a new father and dealing with family issues, so this book was literally life changing. Matt also has a YouTube series on topics related to intrusive thoughts and anxiety, which are all great and informative videos, but this truly is his best work. Matt is genuine and since, speaks from experience, and really makes you feel like you will recover. From stuck to unstuck really helped me get thru some tough times, and to this day I skim thru as needed for a refresher. Very easy to read and implement. From all of us, Thank you, Matt."


"Worrier?? Ruminator?? Perfectionist??"

Beth L.

"BETTER THAN ANY TRADITIONAL THERAPY!! I have been to my share of talk therapy in the past. Although it felt nice to talk to a therapist, the issues eventually always came back. It was frustrating; for most of my life I felt I was on a hamster wheel and couldn't get off, or "in the rat race" of life as many say. That is, until Matt's program. He describes it as being "stuck in the loop" and gives you tools to get out. It works for all of the stereotypical OCD behaviors, but he also teaches how Worry, Rumination, and Perfectionism, which I've always struggled with, are also manifestations of OCD. The tools work to break free from this too! It is like a lightbulb has gone off in my head. I now no longer identify as a "Worrier, Ruminator, or Perfectionist." Thank you Matt!"


"So good!"

Oregon Mtn Family

"Long story short, my teens have OCD, and most of my family struggles with anxiety. I have done brain rewiring programs, purchased neuroplasticity books, listened to rewiring podcasts with interviews from top doctors in the field, used the app Curable, and yet THIS book is at the top of my list for healing anxiety. Matt's approach makes my teens and me feel like we are totally understood. Just after reading a few chapters, my teens are already seeing results. I'm in tears because he gets it.

If you struggle with anxiety, I highly recommend this book! I will probably come back and update this review after we finish it and practice the concepts for a while, but even 5 chapters in, this is hands-down the best book on anxiety/OCD I've ever read. So thankful!"


"Exceptionally Practical Approach to Recovery"


"Matt writes from expierence and lays out a practical plan for recovery. I enjoyed the tin foil hat moments, the compassion and the no nonsense approach to common challenges we face when it comes to taking on our mental expierence.

This book was the beginning of my recovery journey and I could not recommend enough if you're ready to get to work. Even if you're not ready to get to work, take a chance on hope and read this book. It takes about 4 hours to read.

If you've been struggling you owe it to yourself and those around you to buy this book.


Thank you to Matt for taking the journey of recovery and sharing it with the world."


"Excellent book providing a clear, concise way out of OCD"

Bradley T. Wilson

"Matt’s triple A response is perfect for anyone struggling to overcome OCD and anxiety. I am a firm believer that it takes one to know one, especially with OCD and anxiety. He’s lived it himself and now helps others end their OCD and anxiety loop. I can’t recommend this book enough to any suffering from OCD or anxiety."


"Excellent Book on Anxiety..."


"Matt Codde has written a fantastic and practical book with information leading to the understanding and alleviation of Anxiety. Not only is the book enjoyable to read but it makes total sense and presents practical solutions. Thank you Matt for caring and taking the time to write this book."


"Understandable and helpful tool"

Stephanie Fidgeon

"I appreciate how this book explain OCD and tools to decrease the impact OCD has on one's life. As a therapist who specializes in OCD I highly recommend as a tool toward recovery"


"Matt's Book/Story is Outstanding"

John R Mainieri

"I ordered 2 copies of Stuck to Unstuck, and they will arrive next week. I am able to write a review because I already read a pdf version with a family member. This family member is suffering from OCD and this book, I know, is the beginning for the road to recovery. I bought 2 copies, so we can use it as a guide for the coming days. Without Matt Codde's heartfelt reflections about his own struggles and ultimate success, I would not have the knowledge we need to move forward with this difficult situation. All the best for Matt and his book; may his experiences and expertise help you or your loved one."



Macy C.

"as someone who shares the same theme (fear of being possessed, fear of hell, etc) matthew’s story has always touched a personal spot for me! i love his youtube videos, his rational & logical take on ocd and i love this book. i hope to one day be able to take his course 💚 great book"


"This book will change your life!"

Test Guy

"If you suffer from anxiety, ocd, or intrusive thoughts, this book can help you. Matt Codde has written this book from his own personal experience with all of the above and how he was able to get unstuck. This book will change your life and you will not regret purchasing it. I’m glad I did and have already seen a huge life change. My friends and family have even commented on the positive changes they’ve seen in me. Buy it, you will thank yourself!!"

Yes! Send Me the Book + Bonuses!

Just in case you’re like me and skipped to the bottom of the page, here's the deal…

I'm offering you a 143-page book that outlines exactly what to do to breakout of the OCD & Anxiety loop using a unique method called the Triple-A Response®. 

I'll send you this book right now for the incredibly affordable price of $5.90 USD, and you'll receive the accompanying audiobook version and 10 part training (toolkit) completely free.

And I'll give you a FULL YEAR to try it out risk free.

So if you don't feel like this book was helpful, just let me know and I'll refund your $5.90 USD. No Questions Asked. 

And you can keep the book, audiobook, and toolkit.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Simply click the button to claim your copy now. 

You won't regret it.

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