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Who is Matt Codde? 

Matt Codde is an LCSW and he brings a unique perspective to OCD & Anxiety recovery because he combines both clinical and personal experience. Matt personally completed treatment for OCD & Anxiety in his early twenties and has moved forward to help guide others who are struggling.

Matt has specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders for over a decade, and as such, is versatile and unique in how he combines his personal experience with evidence-based practices.

The Restored Minds platform was designed around a process called the Triple-A Response, which Matt developed and personally used to get his life back from OCD & Anxiety. This resulted in him clarifying a path that others can follow. Since then he has gone on to impact tens of thousands of people with his online videos, speak at international conferences, and work with hundreds of people struggling with OCD and Anxiety.

The best time to have a map is before you start the journey, the second-best time is right now. Let us give you the map to help you clarify your plan and implement the right strategies. Join the community with Matt Codde today.

Why? Because you deserve to live a life that is not controlled by OCD, Anxiety & Psychological Stress

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Hear From Our Members That Have Started Taking Back Control...

"You have done a great service to people with OCD & Anxiety."

"This Program has really helped me, I can't thank you enough. Of course, there are still moments when Anxiety creeps up, but I am able to see it clearly and follow the Triple-A Response. I feel so much better than just a few months ago. Thank you for creating the program and giving me the tools. You have done a great service to people with OCD and Anxiety."

Joey H.
TBC Member

"I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone struggling with OCD & Anxiety."

"I struggled with OCD & Anxiety for decades and I was very fortunate to connect with Matt. This program was very helpful to me as well as my family. He was very knowledgeable and passionate, drawing on a breadth of personal experience. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone struggling with OCD & Anxiety."

Tyler F.
TBC Member

"Enrolling in this program is truly an investment in oneself!"

"I highly recommend this program for individuals with OCD & Anxiety. Matthew is truly gifted in his ability to give over the techniques and tools for the treatment and management of OCD & Anxiety with extreme clarity, understanding, and encouragement for individuals who are struggling. OCD & Anxiety help and training has never been more accessible. No more excuses. Enrolling in this program is truly an investment in oneself!"


Rachel Factor

"TBC is far more superior than anything thing else I have come across."

Matt is very knowledgeable in the guidance and direction in and through the recovery journey from OCD/Anxiety. His tools and the structure that he teaches within his Taking Back Control Program is far more superior than anything thing else I have come across on the web. Why? Because he's lived it and been through it and has direct inside knowledge that far too many others don't have..."


T. H.
TBC Member

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