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We believe everyone deserves a rich and meaningful life, but for some that dream has been side-tracked by OCD & Anxiety. If that's you, we are here to help. We maintain the firm belief that restoration is possible for people who struggle with anxiety. Further, our team understands what you are going through and we want to help you take your life back! Use our resources to develop a clear and confident path on your journey to recovery.

Clear Guidance

Your Recovery Plan should be clear and actionable. We provide clear direction in the face of uncertainty.

When You Need It

Proper guidance should be accessible when you need it. Our digital resources and online community are available 24/7 from your favorite device. 

At Your Pace

OCD & Anxiety impact people differently. Which is why we help you design a custom plan to fit your specific needs.

What Makes Restored Minds Different?

When it comes to breaking free from OCD & Anxiety, many people are so lost in racing thoughts and paralyzing anxiety that they don't even know where to start. Restored Minds specializes in guiding our members through a clear process where they can learn the skills they need to overcome fear and become the best version of themselves.


We understand how hard it is to sort through all the noise out there and we take great pride in helping people clarify and customize their recovery plan. And when you clarify your plan and start implementing the correct strategies, results will follow.

The workshops and trainings are taught by Matthew Codde LCSW founder of Restored Minds. Matt has a unique perspective in that he personally completed treatment for OCD & Anxiety in his early twenties and moved forward to help guide others who are struggling. Matt has specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders for over a decade, and as such, is versatile and unique in how he combines his personal experience with evidence-based practices.

The Restored Minds platform was designed around the process Matt used to get his life back from OCD and Anxiety. This resulted in him clarifying a path that others can follow. Since then he has gone on to impact tens of thousands of people with his online videos, speak at international conferences, and work with hundreds of people struggling with OCD and Anxiety.

This platform will help you...

1. Learn the evidence-based strategies for OCD & Anxiety treatment.

2. Understand how these strategies work and how to apply them to your life (even if you’ve never gone through any treatment)

3. Implement this framework into your daily routine and start building a new life for yourself. The Restored Minds Community will help you take back your life.

The best time to have a map is before you start the journey, the second best time is right now. Let us give you the map to help you clarify your plan and implement the right strategies. Join the community with Matt Codde. Why? Because you deserve to live a life that is not controlled by OCD & Anxiety.


Join The Community

How Does Our Community Work?

Go Through The Online Training

Access our digital library of videos at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Develop Your Customized Recovery Plan

Learn the evidence-based strategies and develop a clear plan to overcome your specific anxiety-related struggle.

Find Your Freedom From OCD

Implement this framework in your day-to-day practice and start building a new life for yourself!

"I highly recommend this program for individuals suffering from OCD as well as therapists looking for evidence-based methods for treating OCD. Matthew is truly gifted in his ability to give over the techniques and tools for the treatment and management of OCD with extreme clarity, understanding, and encouragement for individuals who are struggling. This program is presented in a positive and motivating manner. OCD help and training has never been more accessible. No more excuses. Enrolling in this program is truly an investment in oneself!"

Rachel Factor

"This program has taught me so much. I learned more in the last week than I had in the past year since I started seeking help. I haven’t felt this good in long time."

Brian T.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much to Matt and the entire team at Restored Minds. You guys have helped me in ways I can’t even begin to describe. I am so grateful I found this program!"

Rachel M.

"Thanks! Simple, Informative, and Actionable. Exactly what I needed"

Veronica G.

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