Discover How The Triple-A Response™ Will Help You Break Out Of The OCD & Anxiety Loop & Help You Take Back Control Of Your Life


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In this guide you'll discover:

  • Why OCD & Anxiety Related Disorders are commonly misunderstood and mistreated
  • Why trying to get rid of intrusive thoughts and anxious feelings is a broken model 
  • How changing your behavior is the key to successfully rewiring your brain
  • How The Triple-A Response™ can help you break the loop and take back your life
  • And Much More…

Who is Matt Codde?

Matt Codde is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder of Restored Minds. Matt has specialized in helping people overcome OCD & Anxiety-related disorders for over a decade. Matt also personally struggled with OCD & Anxiety during his late teens and early 20’s.

Through his journey to recovery, Matt has developed a versatile and unique approach to OCD & Anxiety recovery called The Triple-A Response™, by combining personal experience with evidence-based practices. He is currently the host of the OCD & Anxiety Show and the director of the digital platform Restored Minds. He currently lives in Orange County, California with his wife Jessica and daughter Jacqueline.