In this intensive workshop, learn how to effectively help a loved one that is struggling with OCD & Anxiety break free and take back control of their life.

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A Quick Message From Matt


First… I want to make sure this is relevant for you.

This workshop is for you if...

You have a loved one who is (or has been) stuck in the OCD & Anxiety Loop and you want concrete strategies that will help you support them in their journey

You want to be instrumental in their long-term recovery instead constantly chasing momentary relief

You want to learn from someone who has experienced what you are experiencing and knows how to get better

You want to help them be in control of their life and go on to pursue their dreams, build amazing relationships, and look towards their future with a sense of hope and optimism

If these things align with you, then this is for you.

(and if not… you can still read it… heck even enroll… but know, in honest truth, it won’t be as effective for you…)

Meet Your Workshop Host

Matt Codde is a licensed clinical social worker and has specialized in helping people overcome OCD & Anxiety disorders for over a decade. He has developed a versatile and unique approach to this process by combining personal experience with evidence-based practices.

Here Are The Important Details…


This is a 1 - DAY Workshop. Inside, I’m going to discuss some high level concepts and break down everything you need to support a loved one in Breaking Free From OCD & Anxiety. 

When you enroll you will get Lifetime Access to workshop.


This works ONLY if you’re ready to take this seriously because you value this and you value yourself–By enrolling in the workshop you’re saying that you're capable of doing this and that your loved one deserves your help–and then you’re going to take what you learn and apply it.


Yes, there is a Complete 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for this workshop - so if you are unsatisfied for ANY reason. Simply email my team at [email protected] and we will issue you a complete refund... And you can keep the recordings.

Here's What You Will Learn From the Workshop!

  • Why OCD & Anxiety issues are commonly misunderstood and mistreated
  • The difference between "solving" and "dissolving" OCD & Anxiety
  • The complete spectrum of stress and anxiety and how each experience will vary 
  • All the common mistakes I made (and most people make) that are completely avoidable
  • What it means to be in the “lens” of OCD &
    Anxiety... And more importantly, how to get out of it




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We guarantee that by the end of the workshop you'll walk away with a clear understanding of how to support a loved one in Breaking Out of the OCD & Anxiety Loop...OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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