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Who is this program for?

Our programs are made to help people who encounter different manifestations of OCD & Anxiety such as:

Contamination Fears

Fears about germs, sickness, and contagion


Fears around organization and perfection

Harmful Intrusive Thoughts

Fears around violent intrusive thoughts

Hoarding Items

Fears around losing items

Existential Fears

Fears around existential questions and ideas

Sexual Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive sexual thoughts and mental images


Fears around your relationship


Fears around one's religion

Suicidal Fears

Intrusive thoughts/fears around suicide

Sexual Orientation Fears

Fears around sexual orientation


Lasting fears around a certain object, situation, or activity

Panic Attacks

Sudden fears and anxiety that cause physical symptoms

Social Anxiety

Fears in social settings, talking to people, and attending gatherings

General Anxiety

Persistent fears about a number of areas that are out of proportion

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Recovery from OCD & Anxiety-Related Disorders Should Be Accessible To Everyone

But have you ever wondered why it feels like such a struggle to find someone who actually understands what you are going through and more importantly, knows how to help you?

If you struggle with OCD & Anxiety I don’t have to tell you that the more and more fear controls your life, the smaller your life becomes, the dimmer your future seems, and the more and more powerless you feel.

Taking Back Control was created for people who are currently stuck in OCD & Anxiety Loop and want to become their own healer by applying proven, evidence-based strategies to break out of the loop and reclaim their life.

This program was made for you if:

You feel overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts and anxious feelings and don't have clarity on what to do or how to handle them

You feel like you want concrete strategies to apply in your everyday life, instead of constantly chasing momentary relief

You want to be coached and guided by people who really understand you and who have also gone through what you are going through...and even more importantly, have gotten better

You want to be around others who prioritize their health and recovery and refuse to let OCD & Anxiety have anymore control over their life

You want to be able to feel like you're back in control of your life and you have the freedom to pursue your dreams, build amazing relationships, and look towards your future with a sense of hope and optimism

You don’t have to wander aimlessly and alone on this path anymore. Join Taking Back Control and get everything you need to become a competent and confident individual on how to address OCD & Anxiety head-on in your life. Which will enable you to start living your life on your terms and no longer letting fear call the shots.

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The REAL problem is you've been trying to solve the wrong problem.

Your understanding of a problem determines the actions you take to try and solve it. And the actions you take are going to determine your results. And if you aren't getting the results you want the best thing you can do is shift your understanding of the problem. This is especially true with OCD & Anxiety.

Most people that are stuggling see their intrusive thoughts and anxious feelings as the problem, so they engage in behaviors to reduce or eliminate their thoughts and feelings

However the real problem is that OCD & Anxiety operates in a loop, and this loop grows the more you feed it.

And you feed it by engaging in safety behaviors (both physical and mental) that reinforce your fear.

No matter what kind of OCD & Anxiety you're experiencing you will always find the same FOUR main components.

The truth is, your problem is ACTUALLY all the different Safety Behaviors you do to get rid of your uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

The paradox of the OCD & Anxiety Loop is that the harder you try to get rid of your intrusive thoughts and anxious feelings the more safety behaviors you engage in. 

And the more safety behaviors you engage in the more you reinforce the loop and the more stuck you become. 

This is exactly why you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels in the mud.

You can only escape when you CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY to something that is totally against your initial instincts.

The problem has nothing to do with a lack of effort on your part. You are just focusing your effort on the wrong things. And as a result, OCD & Anxiety gains more of a presence in your life. And you fall deeper into the hole.

So if you are stuck in this loop, it’s time to take back control.

And using a NEW STRATEGY to change your Behaviors, NOT your Thoughts & Feelings is the key that unlocks your success.

If you’re like most people with OCD & Anxiety you probably feel like there are too many safety behaviors to even count...
and they also probably feel so automatic.

This is exactly where most people get lost, they focus on what NOT to do as a goal (don’t wash, don’t check, don’t analyze, etc.)

This usually leaves people feeling confused and trapped in this void...

This is why you need a Solution Focused Approach that guides you on

exactly WHAT TO DO (mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally) every time intrusive thoughts and anxious feelings pop up.

Which is exactly why you need...

The Triple-A Response™

Your New Approach to Break Free from OCD, Anxiety, & Psychological Stress

The Triple-A Response™ takes out all the guesswork and acts as a true north star each and every time OCD & Anxiety shows up, so you confidently know how to respond in your head, in your body, and in your life.

As you implement the Triple-A Response™ you naturally eliminate all of the safety behaviors.

By eliminating the behaviors you will stop the OCD & Anxiety Loop from spinning.

By stopping the loop, you escape the lens of fear and are able to see the situation from a completely different perspective.

Which will enable you to make choices that are aligned with your values, instead of making choices out of fear. This will empower you to take back control of your life, build better relationships, and pursue the things that really matter to you.

And I'm Going To Teach You How To




Taking Back Control

My Signature 12-Week Program To Help You Break Free from OCD & Anxiety with the Triple-A Response™

Inside Taking Back Control you will learn how to master my proven framework, The Triple-A Response™, so you can become your own healer, break free from OCD & Anxiety correctly, and Take Back Control of your life.

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This program includes the three major components you need to be successful:




On-Demand Training

Here's a complete breakdown of the 7 Modules:

Module 1 | Understanding Stress & Anxiety

We have to start this journey by understanding where you are and where you want to go.

In Module 1, we will begin with a deep-dive into the psycho-education of Stress, OCD, & Anxiety so you both understand what you are dealing with and how the healing process works.

In Module #1 of TBC You'll Discover: 

  • How the Stress Response Works & the 3 Different Types of Stress so you better understand your personal experience.
  • The difference between Danger & Anxiety so you can identify the two in your own life.
  •  The REAL problem with dealing with Long-Term Psychological Stress & why it MUST be addressed
  • And Much More...

Module 2 | Healing Stress & Anxiety

This is really the CORE of everything we are going to be doing.

In Module 2, we will uncover the healing process for Stress & Anxiety so you understand what the tools are and more importantly how they work.

In Module #2 of TBC You'll Discover:

  • Why the "Voice in your head" talks so much and a simple technique you can use to begin taming it.
  • What Zebras & Tigers can teach us about healing stress & anxiety
  • The role Conditioning plays in the healing process & how it works with Exposure & Response Prevention
  • How your brain can literally REWIRE & HEAL through Hebb's Law & Neuroplasticity 
  • And Much More...

Module 3 | Navigating Successful Behavior Change

As you probably guessed this is absolutely critical to your success!

In Module 3, we will reveal how to make behavior changes that LAST, so you can focus on achieving Long-Term Results (not a quick patch job).

In Module #3 of TBC You'll Discover:

  • The 5 stages of changing ANY Behavior & how to navigate each stage
  • A completely backward paradigm shift that makes Behavior Change more permanent 
  • How to IDENTIFY & BREAK limiting beliefs that are holding you back, without you even knowing it 
  • And Much More...

Module 4 | Building Your Toolbox

I LOVE this are going to build your complete toolbox.

In Module 4, we will break down the SPECIFIC behavioral tools you are going to use on this journey so you are equipped to handle whatever anxiety throws at you.

In Module #4 of TBC You'll Discover:

  • A detailed breakdown of my Triple-A Response™ so you have a Step-By-Step Process to follow every time
  • How to target and address your CORE FEARS so you can rip up the roots of anxiety.
  • How to use written, audio, and narrative exposures to target all elements of your anxiety
  • And Much More...

Module 5 | Building Your Custom Recovery Blueprint

Your experience with anxiety is very personal, which is why we need to personalize your roadmap to success.

In Module 5, we will reveal how to make a detailed blueprint for how to facedown your anxiety head-on.

In Module #5 of TBC You'll Discover:

  • The exact battle plan you are going to use to take back control of your life.
  • How anxiety SECRETLY tells you how to get better (once you know where to look)
  • How to create your very own exposure hierarchy so you can conquer any form of anxiety
  • And Much More...

Module 6 | Building Your Freedom

Now it's time for the rubber to meet the road and put this all into ACTION. 

In Module 6, we will learn how to apply everything you've learned into action and start taking back control of your life.

In Module #6 of TBC You'll Discover:

  • Detailed breakdowns of how to apply your tools to different types of Anxiety (OCD, Panic Attack, Social Anxiety, General Anxiety, & Phobias).
  • Case study examples that you can learn from 
  • How to use the Triple-A Response™ on the fly in your everyday life 
  • How to progress through your custom blueprint and what to do when you are feeling "stuck"
  • And Much More...

Module 7 | Building Your New Life

Recovering from anxiety is unique to each individual. So we have to identify what it means for you to truly Take Back Control!

In Module 7, we will discuss relapse prevention and how to maintain your progress.

In Module #7 of TBC You'll Discover:

  • The true power of Acceptance and value-based living 
  • Why Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is a crucial framework for maintaining your gains
  • All the final little Relapse Prevention tools, tricks, and techniques to maintain your freedom
  • And Much More...

12 Weeks of
Coaching Calls


Here's a complete breakdown of the entire
12-Week Coaching Program:

Over the next 12 weeks you’ll get a new audio coaching lesson that covers an essential topic or focus point for that week along with homework and action steps. Here's a look at what we will cover:

12 Weeks of Live Q&A Support


Live Q&As with Matt

Along with all the digital training and PDFs, you will also get direct access to ME and my team for the next 12 WEEKS to support you in implementing this.

Based on the program that you enroll in, the levels of support will vary.

Our Live Q&As are held on Zoom where you'll be able to ask specific questions and get feedback in real-time. The recordings of the call will also be posted in the members' area.

PLUS, I Have 5 More Bonuses For You...

The 7 Main Modules of TBC, the 12 Weeks of Coaching, and the Live Q&As will completely change the way you approach taking your life back from OCD & Anxiety, but that's simply the start of your journey.

When you join The Taking Back Control, you also get...

Five Exclusive Bonuses Completely FREE
to make your progress even faster and your success even easier. Starting with...


A 31-Day Meditation Program For OCD & Anxiety

There's a big misconception that meditation is supposed to quiet the mind. And when people try it and their mind goes wild, they conclude "I'm not good at meditation" or "this doesn't work for me". But in this complete 31-Day series, I break down how to use meditation specifically for OCD & Anxiety Recovery.


Guided Audio Recordings

The Guided Audio Recordings are designed to help guide you through moments of panic. It'll provide you with 24/7 access to audio walkthroughs, right on your phone, to guide you through times when anxiety gets really intense so you know exactly what to do.


Overcoming Sleep Anxiety & Insomnia Workshop

Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep. Sleep is one of the ways our body regulates stress and when we don't sleep it actually causes more stress in our body. In this bonus training, I am going to show you how to apply your tools to sleep anxiety and insomnia so you get the proper amount of zzz's.


Helping A Loved One With OCD & Anxiety Workshop

Explaining your struggle with anxiety to your loved ones can be tough. And watching you deal with anxiety can be equally tough on them. So in this bonus workshop, I talk about ways for your family members to support you on this journey. My hope is that you can give this training to the people that you trust to help you on your journey to recovery.


Overcoming Chronic Pain Workshop

There is a huge overlap between OCD & Anxiety and Chronic Pain. In this workshop, I am going to introduce potential emotional causes of chronic pain and TMS (The Mind-Body Syndrome). I’ll also introduce how many of your skills that you learn in this program can be applied to chronic pain.


Cognitive Distortions Workshop

Recognizing how cognitive distortions can affect your own thoughts and behaviors can be challenging. In this bonus workshop, I delve into the concept of cognitive distortions and provide practical strategies to help you identify and address these distortions within yourself and develop the skills necessary to challenge negative thought patterns and foster a healthier mindset.

Meet Your Guide

My name is Matt Codde. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I help people who are struggling with OCD & Anxiety take back control of their lives by helping them master the Triple-A Response™.

As someone who personally struggled with OCD & Anxiety for years, I know how challenging it can be to navigate all the chaos and find the right help.

My experience with OCD & Anxiety started my first semester of college and my life got completely flipped upside down I went from a confident, outgoing young man, to becoming consumed by intrusive thoughts and the point where I was afraid to sleep in my own bed.

I felt embarrassed about what I was going through, and the more OCD & Anxiety took over, the smaller my life became.

After living in this loop for several years, I eventually got to the point where I simply dreaded the idea of waking up and having to fight through another day. I became more and more depressed and started to lose hope for my future.

But one day I had this sinking realization: All this energy I was using to fight my thoughts and feelings wasn’t working. So instead of trying harder, perhaps it was time to shift gears and try a different approach.

And this ultimately led me to create The Triple-A Response™.

The more I used the Triple-A Response™, the less I was in my head and the more I was living my life. Eventually, I started having entire days where I felt clear, and then weeks, and then entire months. And more importantly, I started to see my future with hope and excitement again.

The Triple-A Response™ helped me reclaim control of my life and pursue things that I once thought impossible.

And as I got better and better, my mission shifted from just trying to help myself, to getting this out to the millions of others who struggle daily with OCD & Anxiety.

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As a Summary,

You Get...

Taking Back Control

  • The Triple-A Response™ Masterclass (Lifetime Access)
  • Access to 12 Weeks of Group Coaching Calls
  • Our 12-Week Coaching and Implementation Program (Lifetime Access)
  • Our 31-Day Meditation Program (Lifetime Access)
  • Guided Audio Recordings (Lifetime Access)
  • Bonus Workshop on Sleep Anxiety/Insomnia (Lifetime Access)
  • Bonus Workshop on Helping a Loved One (Lifetime Access)
  • Bonus Workshop on Overcoming Chronic Pain (Lifetime Access)
  • Bonus Workshop on Cognitive Distortion (Lifetime Access)

Don't take it from me!

Listen to what my students have to say:


Here are some more testimonials from my previous students:


"Taking Back Control Program is far more superior than anything else I have come across"


"Matt is very knowledgeable in the guidance and direction in and through the recovery journey from OCD/Anxiety. His tools and the structure that he teaches within his Taking Back Control Program is far more superior than anything thing else I have come across on the web why?....because he's lived it and been through it and has direct inside knowledge that far too many others don't have because they haven't been through it, they been taught it, and there is a huge difference between the two. I highly recommend TBC if you're serious about recovery and getting your life back on track!"


T. H.

(TBC Member)

"You have done a great service to people with OCD and Anxiety."


"Hey Matt, This Program has really helped me, I can't thank you enough. Of course, there are still moments when Anxiety creeps up, but I am able to see it clearly and follow the Triple-A Response™.  I feel so much better than just a few months ago. Thank you for creating the program and giving me the tools. You have done a great service to people with OCD and Anxiety.


Joey H.

(TBC Member)

"For the first time in my life, I found hope"


I have suffered from various forms of OCD since my early teenage days but was unaware of what was really wrong with me until finding this program. I thought I would just have to keep fighting this from time to time for the rest of my life. I approached the course with much trepidation, as it meant facing the fact that I had a problem that I could not fix on my own. Once I took the step, I felt immediately supported by the caring and understanding community. Just knowing we were all in this together and rooting for each other gave me a huge sense of relief. For the first time in my life, I found hope, especially knowing that Matt had been there and found the way out. The program enabled me to see what my life could be outside of the lens of OCD and to work toward this. OCD had cost me so much in terms of career and relationships. As I worked through the program I had the tools to attack the OCD and live free, to not 'take the bait' of thoughts that come from OCD. My life has changed, I am at peace. Please do this course, like me, you have nothing to lose and your life to regain.  


L. B.

(TBC Member)

could do it."


“Hi Matt! I’m almost done with the training. I’d just like to say that you are a great communicator and this program is so well laid out and easy to follow. I wish EVERYONE could do it.”


Sarah H.

(TBC Member)

"This Program helped me in ways I can’t even begin to describe."


"This Program helped me in ways I can’t even begin to describe. I am so grateful I found this program.” 


Brandon B.

(TBC Member)

"Taking Back Control provided me with a toolkit and new skill set to handle whatever life throws my way."


Prior to connecting with Restored Minds I was in a debilitating state of anxiety which led to a lengthy search for a therapist that could help. After almost one year of treatment with 6 different therapists, I was still not improving. It was out of hopelessness that I went to Youtube and discovered Matt and Restored Minds. The Taking Back Control program has given me the tools and techniques to overcome my anxiety disorder. Rather than just experiencing "talk therapy",Taking Back Control provided me with a toolkit and new skill set to handle whatever life throws my way. I am forever grateful for the program and therapy sessions that have given me my life back. I would highly recommend Restored Minds & Taking Back Control to anyone who is struggling with anxiety or psychological stress in any area of their life. 


M. P.

(TBC Member)

"I’m still in disbelief how quickly this program changed our lives for the better."


"It’s hard to overstate how much Taking Back Control helped our family get through a difficult time. From a husband’s perspective, I was in a constant and desperate search for the right things to do or say that might ease the pain my wife was feeling through her battle with OCD, anxiety, and depression. I never gave up hope even in the darkest times but I began to accept that there was not going to be any quick fix. And I don’t want to say it was overnight but I’m still in disbelief how quickly this program changed our lives for the better. My wife was willing to open her mind and work at it but Matt’s videos resonated immediately. From day 1 her understanding of how to deal with the anxiety and outlook on life changed dramatically. We both learned and continue to realize how these are tools to live a healthier and happier life. I will be forever grateful to Matt and Restored Minds."



(TBC Member)

"I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone struggling with OCD & Anxiety."


"I struggled with OCD & Anxiety for decades and I was very fortunate to connect with Matt. This program was very helpful to me as well as my family. He was very knowledgeable and passionate, drawing on a breadth of personal experience. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone struggling with OCD & Anxiety. The focus here is on building tools, facing fears, putting in the hard work, and essentially becoming your own therapist. I feel more equipped than ever before to navigate life's challenges, and I want to thank Matt for that new found confidence."


Tyler F.

(TBC Member)

"Enrolling in this program is truly an investment in oneself!"


“I highly recommend this program for individuals with OCD & Anxiety. Matthew is truly gifted in his ability to give over the techniques and tools for the treatment and management of OCD & Anxiety with extreme clarity, understanding, and encouragement for individuals who are struggling. OCD & Anxiety help and training has never been more accessible. No more excuses. Enrolling in this program is truly an investment in oneself!”


Rachel Factor LCSW

"...the benefits of not being scared of and controlled by anxiety continue to be priceless."


I can not express how much the Taking Back Control program has helped me. I bounced around from different therapists and healing approaches without any success and I was left with even more anxiety and confusion. Once I began the TBC program I was filled with hope, as it felt like Matt was reading my mind. I decided to focus entirely on his teachings and tools as if it were my job. The personal journey isn’t easy but the benefits of not being scared of and controlled by anxiety continue to be priceless. The teachings are simple and very well laid out. It is so nice to go at my own pace and to be able to refer back when needed. There is such a sense of peace knowing that I am not alone and that anxiety is not a life sentence. Thank you, thank you!


K. H.

(TBC Member)

"As soon as I signed up, Matt was with me from the first step, which gave a sense of comfort."


I was troubled with OCD from early 2019, only realising what it was by late 2019. Like so many it disrupted my life, I couldn't perform my job properly, be mentally present when with those close to me and it put me to tears on a few occasions. I had only a few hours of respite each day. When I first came across Restored Minds, I didn't think I needed it. Shortly after, my OCD got worse so I decided to take action and get stuck in, and signed up to Restored Minds.

As soon as I signed up, Matt was with me from the first step, which gave a sense of comfort. As I got into the course, I immediately noticed how well it is presented, from explaining the fundamentals to even the soothing backdrop in Matt's videos.

The way the course unfolds couldn't be better, and gradually introduces you to the concepts, to understanding OCD and anxiety, and finally, taking steps to recovery. Nothing ever felt a step too far away.

Coming from where I was in early 2019 to starting recruit training with the Marines, I owe Matt (and MYSELF) a great deal of gratitude and pride, although I accept my journey of recovery is not yet finished, I can absolutely say I am now in a state of mind to live life on my terms and to its fullest value.

I have since left the Marines as I found through experience that it was not the career for me, and I'm now setting my sights to travel on my Harley to Australia.

Cheers to Matt, myself and Restored Minds!


J. M.

(TBC Member)

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Taking Back Control

  • The Triple-A Response™ Masterclass (Lifetime Access)
  • Access to 12 Weeks of Group Coaching Calls
  • Our 12-Week Coaching and Implementation Program (Lifetime Access)
  • Our 31-Day Meditation Program (Lifetime Access)
  • Guided Audio Recordings (Lifetime Access)
  • Bonus Workshop on Sleep Anxiety/Insomnia (Lifetime Access)
  • Bonus Workshop on Helping a Loved One (Lifetime Access)
  • Bonus Workshop on Overcoming Chronic Pain (Lifetime Access)
  • Bonus Workshop on Cognitive Distortion (Lifetime Access)

And in case there's anything I missed...Here are some commonly asked questions: