Pure OCD Treatment - Mental Compulsions

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Pure OCD Treatment - Mental Compulsions


In this video, I talk about the treatment process for Pure O OCD. This is the second of three videos and in this video, I provide a general explanation of mental compulsions as they relate to Pure OCD treatment.


00:00 All right. Hello and welcome to part two. Again, my name's Matt. I'm a licensed clinical social work and I'm the founder of the OCD Academy. And in this video we're going to talk about, um, mental compulsion is when it comes to pure ocd. And so, like I said in part one, if you haven't seen part one, be sure to check that out before this video because there's a three-part series, but in part one I talked about this idea of ocd and how, you know, the four parts of, of the OCD cycle with the obsession, the compulsion, and um, I'm sorry, the obsession, the uncertainty, the doubt, and then the compulsion and then the relief. And in, in a typical ocd, um, experience, you know, people can usually spot the compulsive behaviors that person's doing. They might be checking her washing, right? They usually have these physical compulsion is that they're doing.

00:45 One of the things that makes pure ocd a little tricky, especially for someone who's not, doesn't have a lot of experience with it, is that a lot of the compulsive behaviors that people do are mental. Okay. So they'll have the obsessive thought, you know, whether it's harmful sexual irreligious, they'll get anxious, they'll have the doubt and uncertainty and they'll engage in different mental compulsion's that reinforced that cycle. Okay. So one of the things that we need to do when it comes to treating pure ocd is identify the mental compulsion is that people are doing and in most instances they're going to be probably 80 percent of the compulsion is that people are doing when it comes to pro study. So I obviously I don't have time to list every compulsion out there, but these are some of the things you're gonna want to look for something like thought suppression, right?

01:28 Like trying to push the thoughts away. That's actually a compulsive behavior because when you think about it, if the person has the thought, right, that just kind of pops up in their head and they get anxious and they react to that thought by trying to push it away. That's actually the compulsive behavior that draws the relief. Okay. So it can be a quick little reaction that they have, but that is the compulsion that we're going to want to look to eliminate or things like thought replacement counting in your head, even something like praying. And that's why when we have the religious obsessions and then the person prays to try to address those thoughts, that actually reinforces that fear in that cycle. And so in this, in, in those instances, prayer can be a compulsion. And then there's also all the different things they do to avoid, right?

02:13 So anything you avoid that actually can trigger those thoughts is also a compulsion. And then finally, any type of reassurance or a mental reassurance is another huge compulsion that, uh, that you're going to want to look for. Um, and so what I've done is I've actually put together a, a compulsion inventory on my site where you can go through and it's free to download. So all you need to do is click the link below and you'll be able to get access to it. And you can actually start looking at some of the different compulsion's and starting start to identify different compulsion's that you do when it comes to pure ocd. So be sure to click on that link below this video and you'll be taking a spot where you can download it for free. And I'm again and in part three of this video, what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to talk about Erp and how to apply it when it comes to pure ocd. So I will see you over in part three of this video. Again, be sure to click the link below to download your inventory. And I will see over on part three.