What is OCD

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2017

What is OCD 


When I first began on my journey to create OCD Victory, it was my goal to create something that I wish had been available when I first began seeking help for my obsessions. Back then I didn’t even know what obsessions were, I just knew that these crazy thoughts kept repeating and repeating in my head and I wanted help.

To put simply, the OCD Academy was created by someone who has dealt with obsessions for other people dealing with obsessions. The OCD Victory platform were designed to offer you the best information, strategies, and tools possible for combating obsessive thoughts, anxiety, and depression. This platform was designed to be the bridge that takes you from being consumed by obsessions to living the life you were meant to live.

Over the past several years, there seems to be more information readily available about obsessions on the internet. However, I am noticing that very few sites really offer the material and information necessary to truly achieve victory over obsessions. This is precisely why this site was created. To offer you a platform where you can get the information and tools you will need to overcome obsessions and get your life back

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