How To Overcome Intrusive Thoughts OCD


How To Overcome Intrusive Thoughts OCD

In this episode, I discuss a high-level overview of how to overcome intrusive thoughts. Generally speaking, intrusive thoughts fall into the following three umbrella categories: violent, sexual, and religious. I also discuss a good analogy to help you defuse from intrusive thoughts and become a more mindful observer.



alright hey there everyone and welcometo this episode where we're gonna talk
about intrusive thoughts and how to
overcome them so my name is Matt Codde
I'm a licensed clinical social worker
and in this in this episode, like I said
what we're gonna do is we're going to
talk about intrusive thoughts because
it's a question that I've been getting a
lot recently you know both online and with you know
with my one-on-one clients as well and
so I thought it would be useful to make
in an entire series on this...
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Understanding Intrusive Thoughts - What are Intrusive Thoughts (Part 1)

Intrusive Thoughts (Part 1)

Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that are unwanted that seem to invade a person’s mind. Intrusive thoughts can take on a variety of forms but generally fall into 1 of 3 categories

1. Unwanted Violent Thoughts

2. Unwanted Sexual Thoughts

3. Unwanted Religious Thoughts

One key point to remember is that Intrusive thoughts are usually Ego-dystonic which means they do not reflect your true character, wants, or desires.

Another key point to remember is that when dealing with Intrusive Thoughts you are generally dealing with an anxiety issue versus an impulse control issue

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