How to help a family member with OCD & Anxiety | What to do When Someone Won't Get Help

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Welcome to the final episode of our series on how to help a family member with OCD & Anxiety. If you are just joining us please begin with the first episode because this series builds upon itself and I want to make sure you have the entire context of this series prior to this episode. 

In this episode, we are going to discuss what to do when someone you know, who suffers from OCD & Anxiety, refuses to get help. I’ve come across countless families who have tried to offer their loved ones several different resources, but the individual dealing with OCD & Anxiety is not willing to accept the help or make any changes.

This usually leaves family members feeling overwhelmed and wondering, “what should I do now?”

So in this episode, I am going to discuss strategies and ideas on how to help your loved one develop a higher-level awareness of the problem of OCD & Anxiety. And hopefully, this awareness will enable them to consider options that are in alignment with their long-term health and goals.

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