How to help a family member with OCD & Anxiety

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Welcome back to another series of the OCD & Anxiety show which focuses on providing helpful tips and strategies to family members and loved ones of a person dealing with OCD & Anxiety. In this first episode, we are going to discuss the importance of taking care of yourself (as a family member or as a loved one) while supporting someone who is suffering from OCD and Anxiety.

When someone in your family has OCD, everyone in the family unit is usually impacted. It's natural to have a strong desire to help the person who is suffering from OCD, but often we forget that as family members we also have to meet our own needs. I’ve seen many cases, where the family is spending all their time and energy accommodating their loved one and they completely neglect themselves.

So in this first episode, allow me to share helpful strategies, tips and, WHY it is important for you to take care of yourself before anyone else.

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