OCD Awareness Week

Welcome to OCD Awareness Week!


Most of OCD awareness is geared towards helping the general public become more aware of OCD and the struggle of living day to day with OCD. And while I support this mission completely, I want to focus this episode on the importance of becoming more aware as individuals. Many people compartmentalize our struggle with OCD into boxes we feel comfortable addressing, and then avoid the areas of our mental health we don’t want to discuss. The reality is if we want other people to be aware of OCD and Anxiety, the best way we can do that is by first becoming more aware of all the ways it impacts and manifests in our own lives. Then we can begin to challenge our fears, grow as individuals, and evolve into better versions of ourselves. This will create a natural attraction that draws people to you and will ultimately inspire them to start looking at themselves on a deeper level and go on their own journey of transformation. 


Enjoy the show!  

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