OCD & Anxiety FAQ - What Do These Intrusive Thoughts Mean?

Feb 05, 2023

In this week's episode of the OCD & Anxiety FAQ series, I'll be addressing the question, "What do these intrusive thoughts mean?". I hope you find it enlightening.

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Letting Go of Resisting Where You Are On Your Journey

Feb 01, 2023

In this episode, I am going to discuss how resistance holds us back, and why it is so important not to resist where you are on your journey. In fact, I am also going to discuss why it is your resistance to your experience that is keeping you stuck, not the experience itself.

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OCD FAQ - How Do I Stop Intrusive Thoughts?

Jan 29, 2023

Having intrusive thoughts can be really difficult, especially when you're struggling with OCD. In this OCD FAQ episode, I answer one of the most common questions- How do I stop Intrusive Thoughts?

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Fear Is Your Greatest Opponent in Life

Jan 25, 2023

In this new series, I am going to talk about Fear and how it is one of the greatest opponents we will all face in our lifetime. What you do with fear will determine or at least radically impact your life course and trajectory. So in this episode, I want to discuss some practical thoughts on fear.

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OCD FAQ - Why Should I Stop My Compulsions?

Jan 19, 2023


This week we are going to discuss an important question: 'Why should I stop my compulsions?' Compulsions, or repetitive behaviors, are a common symptom of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). People with OCD may feel the need to perform certain rituals or behaviors for fear of dire consequences.

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Three Blind Men & An Elephant

Jan 18, 2023

This episode aims to explore the parable of the three blind men and an elephant and how it can help people with OCD and Anxiety recovery. It begins by introducing the ancient story that communicated the difference between subjective and objective truth. It will discuss how the different perspectives of each of the blind men can be a metaphor for a person’s own different perspectives and...

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Why Do I Have "These Specific" Intrusive Thoughts? (Weekly FAQ)

Jan 13, 2023

In this episode of our weekly FAQ, I am answering the question, Why do I have "these specific" Intrusive Thoughts?

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How Instagram Ads Can Help You Overcome OCD

Jan 11, 2023

In this new series, I am going to share a different perspective on OCD & Anxiety recovery. I am going to talk about Instagram Ads and how understanding Ads can really help you understand OCD & Anxiety Recovery in a new light.

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Choosing Recovery in 2023

Jan 05, 2023

Welcome to 2023. I wanted to start this year off with a special message about mental health recovery.

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Moving Into 2023 - Embracing Each Season of Life

Dec 30, 2022

In this episode, I talk about moving into 2023 and embracing the seasons as they come.

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